These drawings are called multiple visions. Their forms are different from the metamorphoses, but in reality they work in the same way. The drawing always starts with an eye, and then the line unfolds and spontaneously invents new shapes as it goes along. For the metamorphoses, the line and colours are edgy and raw so as not to lock the viewer into my narrative, leaving them free to tell their own story. For the multiple visions, the line is precise and abundant. What I like is that the drawing is often not immediately accessible. From a distance, we can even see something abstract. The closer you get, the more intertwined the shapes become. This creates a world that is organic, dreamlike and mechanical. My creations seek to strike a balance between different realities and the quest for a harmonious world between our modernity and the nature of which we are an integral part.

I also use packaging from brands such as Mc Monsters, which, if you take the time to look closely, are a source of satire.

Collaborations are born from these drawings to bring about an encounter, a new world.